A new concept of revolutionary evening
It rocks in Paris !
What is that thing ?

The concept

Top departure in hostel, top final in night club.

A secret card

We will give you appointments in different places every week. It is therefore obligatory to take his ticket to know the point of appointment. Be careful not to be late.

Paris by night

If you like to party and discover new places Paris Pubcrawl will become your favorite activity.

Team Building

Prepare to live an exceptional experience, you will find yourself in a group then in another and at each stage you will have to create your Team to enjoy Paris By night.

In pictures

A group of party lovers for an unforgettable evening.

Make party

until the end of the night

The best pubs in Paris

to discover the Irish traditon

Let's go

in youth hostels !

Paris by night

to rediscover the best spots

A shot in each bar

to raise the atomosphere/p>

Create a group of party lovers

to live an unforgettable evening

Step by step

An evening is based on several mythical step

  • Step 1


    Each week a volunteer proposes to group his / her friends in a before which will allow you to start the evening in small group with the friend (s) of the friend (s). Watch the information live!

  • Step 2

    Youth Hostels

    With this stage you have the guarantee to find people who like to party: "the backpackers" ... Big teuf, apéritif with the talienne with Norwegian and latinos warm boiling ... Attention ambience guaranteed!

  • Step 3 and 4

    Live music in bar

    And as now everyone is ready to let go, we continue to raise the atmosphere with regularly bars where there will be music and why not a rock band or a DJ ? Surprise!

  • Step 5

    The night club

    This time it is simply the beginning of a long night of madness. On the program we dance and we continue the party with even more people in a club with an atmosphere of madness, your bracelet will open the doors of the club in Vip mode, no need to wait in line but attention required correct!

  • N°1
    night 2017!


Reserve quickly, we are almost full every night. You can also book and invite your friends on our facebook.com/pubcrawl.paris.info page

Infoline : +33 8 99 49 01 44